On the Spiritual Path

A number of my clients have asked me what they need to work on within themselves in order to move forward on their spiritual path. They do not have a clear idea of what areas of their life need to be changed. They are very aware of what they like and dislike in other people.

Imagine that other people are mirroring your traits to you. Whatever you like in others you have these characteristics within yourself. If you see your friends as kind, loving, intelligent, and fun, just to name a few traits, recognize that you also possess those attributes. Take time to do a little exercise. Think of all your good friends and family throughout your life. Then list their positive qualities. Once you have that list completed, look at it carefully and own those qualities deep within yourself, because you have all these attributes in different degrees.

When you finish this exercise than think of the people in your life that you perceive as having disagreeable characteristics and list them. You may believe that a certain person in your life is very impatient. You may not perceive yourself to be that impatient. You may not be impatient to that degree. You may only be slightly impatient. – like comparing a mountain to a grain of sand. Your impatience may not be directed at other people, but it may just be internally directed at yourself. Understand that you cannot change the other person. You can only change yourself. Impatience is just a learned habit and as such can be changed in 28 days (according to psychologists.)

Work on one trait at a time. Then those buttons will no longer be pushed in you. There will be no more emotional charge, and you will be free of that trait and are a step closer to being free of suffering.

So when you ask yourself, “What do I need to change within myself to move forward on my spiritual path?” The answer is simple – “Whatever you dislike in other people.”

It is also important to raise your vibration and you can do this with meditation, prayers and mantras (sacred chants.) Also yoga, Qi Qong and Tai Chi, among other spiritual practices will help you on your path. Love and service are very important components on your path.

As we release blockages within ourselves and raise our vibrations, we open ourselves up to receive Grace which can only come from the Divine. We just lovingly ask to receive this blessing and give thanks to our Divine that we already have received it: let this request come from your heart, and feel the deep gratitude within your heart that it has been fulfilled.

May you enjoy your journey of spiritual awakening!

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