The Observer Effect: What Color i Your Dress and World

What color is the dress.” As we ended February 2015 the media was abuzz with that question.

On the internet and all over the media there was a picture of a dress. Some people saw it as White and Gold, while others saw it as Black and Blue. Very heated discussions arose and people were trying to convince friends and family that what they saw was reality and that if you saw it a different color you were wrong.

We like to think that the way we see the world is correct, right and the true reality. Don’t we?

Most of us take it for granted that we see the real world. We all like to believe that the way we see the world is right and in many cases the only way. If you see the dress or world differently or in a different color you are wrong and just can’t see things well, like I do.

Of course we know that there is much more to the world than what we see with our eyes or experience with our senses. There are the worlds of sounds, smells, tastes, skin sensation and thoughts. These worlds may appear to be distinct, because they appear to different senses organs. We understand that each sense organ only picks out, from the world in total, a narrow portion of that world.

We rarely consider that any other world exist, although we have learned from science that the world consists of far more than just a world of our normal senses.

The old adage: “What you see, is what you get.” appears to apply to the world we see all around us. We are hardly aware that a different way of observing, complementary to this old adage exists.

From this other World View and The Observer Effect we learn:

What you see is what you expect.”

You see the world, not as it is but as you are.”

What you bring (from within yourself) is what you get.”

The old adage and the new world views may appear to be saying the same thing, but the two are really quite different. The difference arises from understandings and principles of quantum physics and spiritual truths.

So each of us is creating and coloring the dress and our world in our mind.

By our observation we are creating the world we experience. It’s called “The Observer Effect.” Reality as we see it is shaped by our own Observations. This was determined and confirmed by the Double Slit Experiment.

You can watch it here:

NOTE: If you want to have some more fun and want to question what “reality” really is, GOOGLE: “Double Slit Experiment.”

In fact, nothing exists for us until we OBSERVE IT. We can experience ourselves as the Observers in our Observer-created Reality. We are the authority, author and creator in our own life.



The Observer Effect has become a central fact of the quantum world. Scientists have further discovered that human consciousness itself is an instrument of Observation and is actually shaping what we see, as directed by our Intent.

Our starting point is to first look at why the world is not as it seems. This helps us grasp the quantum physics principles involved, particularly how observation changes the world. Next we need to see how and where we lose our ability to think clearly, and why this naturally occurs as a result of our desire for objective or “out there” stimulation. This helps us grasp the spiritual principles involved.

Quantum physics indicates that there is no, “way that it IS” out there; that our “knowing” affects our reality, that our Intent affects our reality, that the Observer shapes the reality.

Experiments in Quantum Physics and questions about the fundamental nature of existence point to the important role of consciousness in the construct of reality.

Quantum theory proves that it is the act of observation itself that causes a wave function to collapse out of either/or uncertainty into what we experience as a particular reality…

My “reality.” Your “reality.”

Everybody’s “reality.” “Your color of dress.”

My world view.” “Your world view.”

This means we each see what we Intend to see. We see our world based on our Consciousness and Intent.

Intent, the focus and direction of our purposeful attention and energy, is therefore, the primary dynamic of creation for human beings. This means:


In an old world view, circumstance rules.

In a new world view, Intent rules.


Niels Bohr’s famous remark applies here:

Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.”

Quantum physics is shocking, both scientifically and philosophically. The idea that the conscious act of observation creates everything is in marked contrast to the way we were taught and the way we thought about our world.

There is no aspect of life-as-we-know-it that will remain unchanged as a result of recognizing, and living in the knowledge of, this basic truth.

As we increasingly become aware of this New Worldview, we are learning that Awareness is the key. What we thought we knew about our world and how we live in it is now being questioned. And the answers and insights have deep and profound meaning and implications for how we can live the life we desire and deserve.

“Everything you now know about the universe and its laws is more than likely the 99.99% wrong.”


Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, physicist and author.

Also known as Dr. Quantum.


Quantum Physics is the study of how, what and why everything that makes up the universe as well as everything in it, both the seen as well as the unseen, is created. It is a detailed study of what is known as Quantum Mechanics which determines how EVERYTHING in the cosmos has come to exist beginning at the atomic and sub-atomic levels. More simply put, it is an in depth study of the building blocks of the Universe.


Basically what Quantum Physics consists of is analyzing things that are experienced in life, in various forms and tracing them back to where they originated. What are these physical things and what is all this stuff made of? What are its qualities? Where does it come from? How does it function? In summary what they found was that:

Everything consists of a universal substance/energy and

it is in varying levels of vibration.

The seen world (physical) is at a lower vibration and everything has come into manifestation from the unseen world (spirit.)

As most everyone discovered in elementary school, everything that you can see in the physical world is made up of molecules.


Quantum Physics goes a few steps beyond molecules and has taken these tiny little wonders and broken them down even further. It has developed the ability to study the various things that make them up, which are known as atoms. When these atoms are broken down and analyzed further, we find they are made of various sub-atomic particles.

Today, we are living in the midst of a wide range of world views, beliefs, attitudes, etc. which are outdated and factually incorrect. Faced with these new worldviews, many people, organizations, governments, churches, etc. are exhibiting fear, hostility and a reluctance to let go of the old worldview.

The good news however is that we don’t have to give up anything as we shift to the new worldview because it also includes the old worldview.


The old worldview is not really “old” and the new worldview is not really “new.” The fundamentals and basis of how the worlds functions have NOT changed.

The old worldview is simply a view that limits our experience and expression of life while the new worldview is one that expands it.

From biblical to current times, masters have talked about the importance of a shift in thinking and a transformation in seeing and experiencing our world. They have talked about seeing things right, before we seek to make things right.

Science tells us that the things we observe in our outer world are nothing more than a projection from our inner world. Okay, take a breath and let’s put this in practical terms.

Since we create our reality, on whichever dimension we choose to participate, it is critical that our consciousness: thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, etc. – are in harmony along with our actions.

If they are not in sync, your present and desired future won’t harmonize. They will be out of coherence, at different levels and vibrations, will interfere with each other, and will cancel each other out.

In other words, only vibrations that are in resonance with each other can harmonize because: 

Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.

Like attracts Like.

That which is like unto itself, is drawn.

Now you can see how setting your desire or intention in the present, that is, creating your vibration, equates with how you are choosing to participate in the universe. If the vibration you are offering is out of resonance or harmony with what you intend to receive in your future, you won’t be able to experience it.

This is why making a decision based on where you are going, NOT where you are, is so critical.  The key is to accept where you are without resistance.  You accept “what is” without fighting it, but you keep your Intention on your desireThis is the secret to manifestation. (I suggest you read this paragraph again.)

If you remain at this high level of vibration then you MUST realize that you don’t have to create your desire. It is ALREADY created! You just have to align with it. What you desire is in the quantum field of possibilities (alternate universe if you will).  When you get
in harmony with it and take inspired actions, it will unfold.

We are learning to live this wisdom realizing that just knowing the wisdom is of little or no practical value. Just knowing the wisdom may give us some degree of ego satisfaction, may inspire us and give us some hope for a brighter future.

Only living the wisdom really makes a difference in what matters and is important. What does it mean to live our wisdom? It means we are walking our talk, that we are expressions of these truths, virtues and ideas. Let me pose these questions:

Do we really KNOW if we are not living and applying this wisdom?

Does my KNOWING how to read sheet music, mean I can play the piano?

This is so very important that we have several more future Inspired Living – Now Insights relative to The Observer Effect planned and already in drafts.

Watch for future “The Observer Effect” Insights.

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