The Importance of Meditation in your Busy Life

We are all so busy in our everyday lives. Our minds are constantly going. We are busy learning, working on relationships and at our jobs. There’s barely any time for introspection, for our inner selves. How much time do we take to know ourselves, to be totally aware of the present moment? It is in those moments that we experience inner peace, stillness, a sense of being centered and in balance.

meditationTo we experience these things it’s important to set some time aside just to be.

You know the expression: “stop and smell the roses.” It really is important to do just that. Take a few moments each day and appreciate what’s around you. Watch the sunrise, the sunset, a little flower, a lizard sitting so still you wonder if it’s real, a child laughing, an old couple walking hand-in-hand. There are so many now moments.

When you’re totally in the now it is a form of meditation after which you feel revitalized.

You have spent time sitting in the woods by a stream feeling at one with Nature, which is a form of meditation. Watching the sun set in silence is another way to connect with your inner self. After experiencing these types of moments you understand what the still meditative state feels like.

Some people feel the peace when they pray, or are in deep contemplation.

If you practice yoga in finish the session by lying on Shavasan (CorpsePose) you feel the stillness.

A simple meditation during which you focus on your breath, just observing it going in and out, is beneficial. When thoughts arise choose not to engage them and just bring your attention back to the breath awareness. With practice there will be fewer thoughts that interrupt this process. Take 10 min. twice a day and try this out. Maybe you start by practicing this for 5 min. whenever you get the chance during the day.

Meditation really brings you to the present moment, the now of life. It regenerates your energy field and raises your vibration.

On a physical level it lowers your blood pressure, gives you more mental clarity, releases stress, benefits heart health among other numerous benefits.

For those of you who find breath awareness challenging initially you can start by listening to guided meditations. I offer three different CDs/MP3s on my store website which have helped many people connect to that inner peace and sense of expansion.

As you practice meditation you will notice your energy changing. You will handle challenges in your life with equanimity. You will stop your mind from creating long-winded stories that stress you out emotionally.

When you feel stressed during the day, stop a moment and sigh deeply a couple of times and you will immediately feel better, more in balance.

Another quick little exercise is to take a moment and just be aware of your physical body – maybe you could focus on your heart, or your hands. While you’re doing this it’s impossible to be focused on the chattering mind. Try this out during your day. It only takes 30 to 60 seconds.

You will appreciate the benefits this brings to your life. It is cumulative. Try it out for 28 days and you will discover this for yourself.

Enjoy your meditative moment, and your practice of meditation. Discover your inner peace – the stillness. It is always there. Just become aware.

Blessings to you,


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