The Benefits of Laughter

laughterwsunflowerThere are so many benefits to laughter. It is such a healing process. It releases stress very effectively and disperses negative situations when everyone joins in and laughs. When we laugh we produce endorphins which make us feel better, lift our spirits and evoke healing.

In times of health and all types of crisis laughing at the situation or ourselves, if possible, helps disperse negative emotions and fear.
There’s a group of Buddhist monks who start their day by creating laughter for 15 to 20 minutes. They jump up and down, and do everything they can to laugh — deep belly laughs. It is like meditation in motion. It sets a positive tone for their days. They also say that laughter rejuvenates you and keeps you young. It creates longevity. Maybe that is why Santa Claus has been around for so long — HO, HO, HO!!

Try laughing for at least five minutes every day. One way to get yourself going is to focus on your belly and say: “HA, HA, HA,” for as long as you can. Before you know it you will start laughing naturally. Notice how you feel afterward, and how long the feeling lasts. Do you approach your daily tasks differently? Do you treat others differently? Can you deal with a crisis differently from this perspective? The choice to laugh is yours. Try the above exercise for seven days and observe the positive differences it makes in your life and how you handle crisis situations.

Have you noticed that during times of war when the military send entertainment to the troops they always pick comedians, and other upbeat people who will boost morale. Bob Hope used to spend every Christmas entertaining overseas troops and he lived to 100 years of age, Maybe it’s true that laughter brings you longevity. Nowadays, Robin Williams entertains overseas troops, as do many other modern comedians. The men and women who are defending freedom and people’s rights appreciate the shows and laughter that, for a brief moment in time, lift their spirits and motivate them.

During times of health, emotional and mental challenges learn to laugh at the little things in life. Watch funny movies and TV shows to generate more laughter. Share laughter with your friends whether you tell jokes or funny stories. Feel your stress dissolving as laughter returns balance and peace to you. Share laughter and humor with those around you. It’s contagious. Allow it to change your emotional state to the positive. It’s your choice — to laugh or not to laugh? That is the question.
May your days be filled with moments of laughter. May your life always be blessed.

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