Spring: A Time For Renewal

It’s Spring again which brings to mind the birth of new things. It’s all around us — animals having their young, eggs in the nest, flowers blooming, and insects pollinating them.

In Europe every spring a deep spring cleaning of the home takes place — mattresses are turned over, furniture is dusted and moved around and everything is spruced up.

I grew up in England where we wear school uniforms. It was so exciting to put on a spring uniform, even though it was still cold. I could smell spring in the air and I loved the early spring flowers – Snow Drops, Blue Bells, and then I would wait eagerly for the Daffodils, Tulips and Pansies.

Spring was exciting as it marked the ending of our damp, dark winters. We rarely got to see the sun. As an island, England can really get socked in by the clouds and rain for months.

I would feel like a new person — everything looked brighter and more colorful.

Living in Florida the seasons are not as marked. We enjoy the gentler temperatures during the day and the cooler evenings.

This time of year inspires us to start new things. On the physical level we exercise more — long walks, cycling, jogging — all of which can be done outside.

It’s a great time to renew your physical self. Exercise makes us stronger and more energized.

Vigorous exercise helps improve your breathing, so does yoga, Chi Gong martial arts and dancing. Breath is so important — remember to take several deep abdominal breaths during the day. It will renew your energy and release stress and tension as you exhale deeply and slowly. People who sigh a lot are usually shallow breathers because they are stressed and tense.

Breathing correctly will go a long way toward renewing you physically, mentally, and emotionally on the energy level.

Laughter – deep belly laughter will also help you renew your energy.

A positive outlook — observing your thoughts and directing them in a positive uplifting way will help you emotionally and mentally. It takes time to change old habits and outlooks. With persistence you can do it. Read inspiring and uplifting books to help renew you mentally and spiritually.

It’s important to remember our spiritual nature which also needs to be nurtured so that we can experience balance and awareness in our lives. Meditation has been the tool to help us do this. It has been used by most cultures in different formats to help us connect with our higher selves. It is a very important practice in our everyday lives. Some people like meditation in motion like Tai Chi and yoga. Others like to sit in silence. With practice your whole life can be a meditation, a form of prayer. It is with true desire and intention that you will grow spiritually towards your awareness of who you truly are.

We live in a time where there are so many ways to renew ourselves at all levels. Let’s go with the flow of spring and move forward with these processes.

Enjoy your time of renewal and celebrate this time of year.


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