OM Chant with singing bowls - inside

OM Chant with Singing Bowls Meditation – MP3

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Tibetan bowls and Tinksas (60:00)

OM is considered to be the primordial vibration from which the entire universe has arisen. All other sounds are contained within it.

After listening to this CD you will have a sense of peace and well-being and the more frequently listened to, the more benefits you will experience in your daily life.

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Product Description

Over the years many of Vanessas clients requested that she record the OM CHANT – The Universal Sound, so that they could use it as a meditation tool. As you focus on your breath and listen to this CD it will take you into a deeper state of meditation and help you connect with your divine.

In producing this CD, Vanessa has included the wonderful and rich sound of Singing Bowls. Listen to the soothing sound as it deepens your meditation experience. Just allow the OM and Bowls to cause you to become more relaxed and at peace.

60 Minutes


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