The Q-Effect & Workshop Info


Do you ever wonder what keeps people from expressing their highest potential?

Do you ever wonder if you are expressing yours?

Would you like to know and learn how you can?



What would your life be like if you lived every minute of every day really knowing and having the experiential knowledge that nothing and no one is against you? What if everyone did? How would that change the world?

What if you could shed light on, “reinterpret” the hurts, situations, difficulties, negative feelings and beliefs of the past to learn how they can be the doorway to a more meaningful, fulfilling, healing and truly prosperous life.

This is possible through the Q Process in only 21 days.

The Q Process is a system of directed questions that invites individuals to experience “noticing or presencing” what is normally hidden from awareness. As unconscious dynamics of being (thoughts, beliefs, repressed discomforts) are revealed, the individual discovers the relationship between who they are being and what they’re having as their experience. Then they can, intentionally choose to re-pattern their unique internal model of the world and life.

Humanity is poised to make an epic lead in its expression, and it couldn’t come at a more critical time. The old ways of thinking and living aren’t working very well. People, organizations, and systems across the globe are seeking and struggling to find a new way of being. You can help lead the way.

The Art & Practice of Living with Nothing and No One Against You is a powerful, multifaceted experience designed to reignite and re-energize you to:

  • Transform any circumstance into an opportunity to manifest magnificence.
  • Unleash more fully your unique heart wisdom.
  • Tune into and live more deeply from spirit and inner wisdom.
  • Apply quantum and universal principles based on the latest in research for rapid results.


The Q Process is not therapy. It is based on a concept of “Aware-apy.” The process and the facilitator seek to support individuals in their own efforts to make conscious the dynamics of their “meaning making” that underpin perception, intentionality and personal well-being. There is no interest in the content of the individual’s experience or its validity with respect to other’s perceptions of reality. The program and process is designed to assist the individual in examining the content of their own experiences as a means of making conscious their current internal system. As the individual “sees” and “consciously begins to understand” their unique way of constructing their “inner reality,” they access the ability to change ingrained and conditioned ways of relating and thereby alter their “meaning creation process.”

People, organizations and communities across the globe are struggling to find new ways of being and living from spiritual and universal truths, rather than man-made laws. (Have you too, noticed that the man-made laws are not working very well?) What if there is a way to discover how to live more fully in the midst of day-to-day challenges, conflicts, worries, etc. and consciously create from wholeness, even in times of conflict.

The Q Process is a powerful, multifaceted experience designed to reignite and energize people, leaders, teams, organizations, businesses and communities to:

  • Transform any circumstance into an opportunity to manifest their full potentials.
  • Unleash more of their innate wisdom.
  • Tune into and live more deeply and authentically from a sense of being and spirit.
  • Apply the principles of quantum physics and the latest in brain research for rapid results.

Using the Q Process you can radically alter how you experience the world in as little as 21 days.


  • 5 hours of solid inspirational content, (Much of which most people have never seen) process coaching, discussions, and small group interaction/processes,
  • 60 page workbook, additional hand outs and reminder cards,
  • 3 debriefing sessions – group sessions in person and/or Go To Meeting webinars,
  • Opportunity to interact and meet positive, inspirational and supportive people.
  • Additional support tools and resources.


To learn more contact:

James Stuebe – Q Coach
Cell Phone: (727) 642-1994

“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are — or, as we are conditioned to see it.” – Stephen Covey

“How can we learn how to see things right, rather than seeking to make things right?” – James Stuebe

Watch this space for future announcements and the workshop schedule.

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