Rediscovering Your Joy

So many changes are happening so quickly in our world. We are made aware of them immediately via our advanced technology.

People feel more pressure to get things done and goals completed, especially in the Western world we learn to multitask and our attention flips rapidly from one thing to the next.

During readings people ask me how they can discover their purpose in life which would bring them joy.

People want to reconnect with her inner joy which motivates them to go forward in life.  

To do this we need to slow down occasionally and go inward Into the Source from whence comes our joy and bliss. It can be challenging for those who have felt weighed down by life for a long time.

Remember that our memories are made up of brief moments, some we label good, some boring, some bad. When we want to reconnect with our inner joy we need to choose one or two selective memories. It could be the moment we got a pet, discovered a special place in nature, the birth of a child, the first bicycle or any other joy filled event, however brief. If you remember this moment, identify with it – feel it, remember the smells and experience it fully. Feel the joy of the memory growing within you. As you identify this feeling choose to recreate it in your life now and in the future.

The more you focus on joy the more you create it in your life. You see life through new joyous eyes. Every little thing, becomes brighter, and more interesting. (Remember what we appreciate, appreciates.)

A sunrise is a joyous moment, so is a message from a friend.

Put the word “Joy” where you can see it, so that you are reminded to connect with that feeling within you.

Laughter creates the feeling of joy. Observe children playing, laughing and being in the moment. They can teach us a lot about being joyful.

Joy is contagious, like laughter, so spread it around, and share it with others. Share a smile, a compliment, an uplifting story.

When you meditate, connect with the Creator of All That Is in your own way and you will feel the joy welling up inside you. You will feel it fill every cell of your body and it will expand out all around you. Meditation in a group is a beautiful way to experience inner joy and peace.

Have fun discovering joy in your daily life. You will change the energy around you and bless everyone with your presence.

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