Some people tell us that the Q Process title, “The Art and Practice of Living with nothing and the one against you,” does not apply to them. They say: “I have no enemies.” “There’s nothing against me.” And we agree that that may very well be the case. So your question may be: “So what can The Q Process do for me?

Having coached many people through the Q Process we have developed a new awareness and appreciation for its potential and benefits based on the participants experiences and comments.

What we are learning is that the issues and challenges are not out there, but rather in the internal myths, beliefs and messages that we live from, our so called baggage and self-talk. It is our internal programming and patterns from our past that we keep reliving. And what is even more challenging, is that we are living unaware that this is happening. These programs and patterns are operating at an unconsciousness level and for the most part we are not even aware how they got there and how they are impacting our life. Have you ever heard the expression:

“You have to face it to replace it.”

Simple stated the Q Process enables you to self-direct and self-manage a process for bringing these issues, patterns and programming from the shadows into the light. As you bring them into conscious awareness, you can then make new choices, assign new meanings and release them. People that are applying the Q Process have used words like: freeing, uplifting, energizing, inspiring, and confidence building to describe their results.

We are all familiar with the expression: “He or she pushed my buttons.” The reality is no one can push your buttons. Yet you may think that someone is “pushing your buttons – triggering you,” when the reality is that you are interpreting, and creating the meaning, that they are pushing your buttons. So much of our life is involved in creating meanings to words, comments, situations, actions, etc. We experience our inner and outer world and assign meanings.

No one is pushing your buttons. But what if you removed the buttons so there are NONE to push.

What if you could learn from the past and release the past hurts, disappointing situations, negative feelings, emotional relationship issues, etc? How might you recognize and appreciate the benefits and healing opportunities they present?

So what kind of internal injuries, hurts and challenges does the Q Process help people overcome? Here is a partial list of “the issues” we have experienced in our Q Coaching sessions and experience:

  • Overcoming anger and resentment.
  • In conflicts and uncomfortable situations, not being able to remain in control and calm.
  • In heated conversations with people with conflicting viewpoints, not being able to able to speak your truth in such way that the other person is not made the enemy and/or treated with less than love.
  • Reducing and overcoming excessive judgment of others, situations, and self.
  • Reframing childhood abuse, neglect and sense of being unwanted.
  • Issues of self image, judgment of personal appearance and body parts.
  • Sense of not good enough, not valued.
  • Fear and anxiety of bodily injury, emotional injury and psychological injury.
  • Feelings of not being wanted and of being unloved, (or where the other person(s) showed love as they understood love, but in a way that did not resonate for you.)
  • Feeling insecure, unappreciated and unloved.
  • Sense of innate unworthiness, lacking self love and not being connected.
  • Feelings of lack and not enough.

The Q Process is based on the concept of Aware-apy. Participants are coached in the Q Process and then they apply this process to bring themselves to a new level of awareness and an opportunity for healing and expressing their fuller potentials. The focus is on the process and it is NOT therapy. It does NOT deal with the content of the experience or circumstances. This means that all discussions, including group conversations, are within the participants control. Personal integrity and trust are always respected and maintained.

Consequently, the Q Process is NOT about the Q Coach, “fixing you, anybody or anything.” The Q Process provides a tool, a set of well designed questions that the participants asks themselves to realize A SHIFT IN AWARENESS that in turn leads to changes and transformation. And what is even better, they can apply this process/tool for the rest of their lives. What is even more beneficial and powerful is that as one applies the Q Process they become even better and better at it.

From this expanded awareness the person is then able to shift their thinking, beliefs, meanings and behaviors to create a better future, a future increasingly freed from the past. They then live from their authentic self. They live from the Q Qualities that they have selected and that are the most valued by them.

What patterns and programming, that you are unaware of, may still be operating in your life?

Which of the above issues or buttons are you continuing to push in your life?

Which ones would you like to remove?

We invite you to attend the next Q Process.

Designed and developed by Artful Pussycat