The Power of Sound

Our lives are made up of light and sound. Even in the womb we are aware of these things.    

Sound is a vibration which can be heard and felt. All creatures have their unique sound, some of which is inaudible to the human ear, just as some light cannot be seen by the human eye. 

In the beginning was the Word. The word is sound and vibration. Sound is cause and it has an effect. You say something which is heard by another person via their ear drum and then their brain interprets the meaning of the sounds. 

Sound is truly a gift and we can learn how to use it for healing and to change ourselves.

Music has a profound effect on us and triggers all kinds of memories, even from the womb. If a mother plays a lullaby to her baby while she is pregnant she will feel the baby respond. Once the child is born a mother can continue to play this music and the child will respond and feel a sense of peace and security. 

Choose your music with care as it really affects you. Studies have been done on plants. Classical music helped them grow and flourish. Heavy metal music killed them.

So how does music affect you? Use it to benefit yourself. 

CDs have been created that entrain your left and right hemispheres while you listen to it. This brings you into balance and makes you more productive and creative.

People have been making music for centuries to revitalize themselves, have courage before Battle, calm down and go into trance states among other things. Everyone loves drumming because of the rhythm. It helps us connect to the earth, while string instruments help us connect to the spirit, so do wind instruments.

The human voice has the ability to keep us grounded and raise us spiritually. There’s a vocal system called ‘Toning” which anyone can practice. It’s very simple and is not singing. You stand with your feet apart, toes turned slightly inward, knees bent and pelvis forward as if you were sitting on an imaginary chair. Then stretch up your arms and take a deep breath. Let your arms fall down to your sides. Now close your eyes and start groaning feeling the sound around your pelvis and tailbone area. Just allow yourself to grown. Allow the sound to come out anyway it wants. Continue groaning as long as you feel like it and then allow the sound to move up slowly to the belly. The quality of it may change. Little by little it comes up to the chest, then the throat and finally it reaches the head. With time and practice it may become melodic around this area. You know you have finished the exercise when you feel like stopping and taking a deep breath. Notice how you feel afterwards. It is the most amazing sensation, and fills you with peace and joy. Practice once a day, preferably outside or by an open window. Once you’ve done this for a week you will want to continue as it gives you such a sense of well-being. Try it for yourself!

If you want to explore more on sound check out Jonathan Goldman’s work and CDs. Also check out to discover more of the benefits of sound and vibration. The information on these sites is really interesting and very beneficial.

The power of chanting is recognized in every spiritual belief system. In Tibet and India they practice mantras like: OM MANE PADME HUM.

In Christianity we have the Gregoran Chant which raises our vibrations. There are so many sacred chants worldwide that lead us to a spiritual connection with our Creator. Listen to some of them. Experience their effects for yourself

Play with a drum or flute — great for breathing. Also play a Tibetan singing bowl and tinksas and notice how the sound affects you. You will soon notice what resonates for you and this will be a key to finding your inner balance. 

Enjoy exploring sound and vibration.

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