Vanessa’s Intuitive Sessions

During a session I help my clients become more aware of their positive potentials and explain how they can use them to change their life in a more positive and fulfilling direction. I believe we all have intuitive abilities and it was only a question of to what degree we have developed and used them. My client rely on my intuitive insights to expand their perspectives and coach them to create more enjoyable and satisfying life experiences and relationships. Many of them also attend my intuitive classes to further develop their own intuitive talents.

For more than 20 years I have shared my intuitive skills with thousands of people. This direct experience and formal studies with Dao Tiem in Paris France enables me share my gifts in the service of others.

This work, at the very core is focused on helping people learn to: quotation water the flowers rather than the weeds in their life.” I say this as my work is oriented towards self empowerment and state changing. To the degree that we can focus more on the flowers in our lives and less on the weeds, the conditions and circumstances of our lives improve. Do you find yourself spending more time watering your weeds, rather than your flowers?

I help my clients access their hidden talents, their potential for love, laughter, job and career success and prosperity because in this way you become an integrated, harmonious and happy person whose mere presence contributes to the harmony of the environment. (As you make the flowers in your gratin grow you contribute to the beauty of the garden of life.) You will attract people and conditions of like mind — like flowers attract — people in conditions move toward your vibration.

In Person – At Serenity Now

Vanessa has been at Serenity Now since they opened about seven years ago.  You can see her schedule to meet her in person there on Vanessa’s calendar

Telephone and Internet

A personal intuitive session can also be arranged from the comfort of your home using telephone and/or Internet connections.


 I have done hundreds of phone sessions and you can enjoy the experience in the comfort of your own home.

We can do your session in English or Spanish.

The schedule is: Mondays from 9-11 EDT or Thursdays from 9-11 EDT

 You can phone or email me to make your appointment and then you can sit in the comfort of your home and have your phone session. I can digitally record it if that would be helpful and then send it as an MP3 file to the e-mail address you specify.

To meet these expanded requests there are three easy ways to make an appointment:

A.  Send a email to: with this appointment information:

DATE                 TIME (EST)
1. __________          __________  Preferred Date and Time

2. __________          _________    Optional Date and Time

3. __________          __________  Optional Date and Time

NAME: ________________________________

E-MAIL: _______________________________

PHONE: _______________________________

DURATION: 20 min: __ 30 min: __  45 min: __ 60 min: __

(Check the desired duration for your session.

I will reply by email or call you to confirm.

B. If you are out-of-state or traveling and want a phone consultation, just call me at (727) 642-1950. (Be ready to provide the above appointment information.) We will:

1.   Set the date and time.

2.   Establish who will initiate the call and the relevant numbers – your number for me to call you or my number if you are calling me. (As I have a prepaid calling plan I am glad to call you.)

3.   Agree on the duration – either 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Then you simply return to my web site, pay by credit card and await the date and time of your appointment.

Alternatively we can set up your session as a SKYPE call, with or without video.

C. Just scroll up and select the desired duration. (SEE PICTURES.)  Click on it to place in cart and then proceed to pay by credit Card or PayPal. (Provide the above appointment information.) This will send me an email and I will email or call you to confirm the schedule and payment details.

For all four alternatives, payment is very easy:

1.  Pay in advance by going to my web site and selection the duration you want.

2.   Wait until we have talked or I have confirmed the appointment and then go to my web site and select the agreed to duration and make your payment.

3.  To make it even easier, after we have confirmed the appointment I can send you an invoice to your E-mail and you simply click on it and follow the simple instructions to pay by credit card or PayPal.

4.  When we begin your session you can provide your credit card information and I can process it through “PayPal Here” in minutes.  Then we  can proceed directly to your session.

I look forward to being of service to you in this convenient way.

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