Our Prosperous Universe, My Prosperous Life

Would it be okay with you if your life was a little more prosperous, maybe a lot more prosperous?

As we go about our daily life, which all too often is based on conditioned thinking and dealing with circumstances, we are unaware that prosperity exists all around us.

Pause for a minute and take note of all the ways that prosperity is present all around you. You may see prosperity in relationships, friends, a loving smile, a hug, nature, beautiful abundant flowers, and the starlit heavens at night, etc.

So can we agree that an abundance of prosperity is already present in our world? So for each of us the question becomes: to what degree am I accessing and personally experiencing this prosperity? This question can help us better understand the principle:

We see the world NOT as it is, but as we are.”

Now take a few minutes and look at the Squares Diagram at the top of the next page. You will see a diagram with many, many squares – simply stated a square is a box with four equal sides – they may be of different sizes. Now let’s assume that each of these squares is some type of prosperity. Let’s call it a unit of prosperity.

Now as you look at the diagram begin to count the prosperity squares you see. Do you see at least 10? Do you see at least 20? How many do you see?



So in the Squares Diagram above we have depicted numerous, what we have called prosperity squares. So the opportunity is, how do you internalize and become aware of these prosperity squares. They are already there so it is by your awareness that you make them your prosperity squares.

Continue looking for more and more squares and being increasingly aware of how the prosperity squares are showing up. Now how many prosperity squares do you see?

So we might conclude that prosperity is in the eye of the beholder. Prosperity is a very individualized and a very personal matter. What I consider prosperity may not square with what you consider prosperity. And because each of us experiences our world through our own paradigm: world view, mindset, frame of reference, beliefs, values, experiences, perspectives, etc. we have as many types of prosperity as we have individuals.

True prosperity as we are using the term is so much more than just money. It’s not just about the cars, the house, and the cash. It’s not about what we Have, nor is it about what we Do. For far too long we have followed the traditional and conditional thinking that only when we Have and Do more, can we be “happy” or “fulfilled.” We have followed the formula that says: when I HAVE and/or I DO more, then I will BE “happy,” “successful,” “fulfilled,” etc.

But what if we looked at this another way. What if we started with Being. What if we asked; who have I come here to BE rather than what am I here to HAVE and/or DO?

Your attention dictates the quality of your life experience. You can be in an experience that is stressful or upsetting and then move your attention to your center of Being, or what is referred to as your authentic self – your spiritual self. Here at the core of your Being, the situation will be experienced differently. This is so because you are NOT your experiences. This shift in attention is everything.

When your attention moves in this matter, the nature of energy, perception and relationship also transforms. This shift in attention in the field of infinite possibilities creates energy. Like a magnet moving through a coil of wire, electricity is generated as the magnet influences the electrons within the conductor. In the same way, the shift of attention within a field of infinite possibilities generates opportunities otherwise nonexistent to the observer.

Where your attention goes your energy flows.”

So how many prosperity squares did you discover? How is prosperity already showing up in your life? In how many additional ways could it appear?

Your Exercises:

  1. Take out a blank sheet of paper and for at least 3 minutes write down your personal list of all the ways and forms that prosperity appears in your life today.
  1. Now take a second piece of paper and take 3 minutes to make a second list of the additional ways that prosperity will appear in your life in 2015.

Ancient wisdom, biblical teachings, wise masters and teachers, have all said and taught, using different words, that we live in an abundant field of energy. Everything is energy in various expressions and levels of vibration.

So looking at prosperity is somewhat like asking a fish to look at the water it is swimming in. We are so deeply immersed in prosperity, surrounded by it, a part of it, and supported by it, that it is difficult to stand back and look at it objectively.

The reality is that we can’t be objective. We are learning that in our Quantum Universe and based on the Observer Effect, we are by our consciousness drawing from this field of infinite possibilities to create the personal world we see, experience and live in. Therefore:

We see PROSPERITY not as it is, but as WE ARE.”

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