Our Creative Potential

We truly are amazing creators and many of us do not realize this fact. We are unaware of how we create and draw people and events into our lives. We all know that we want to improve different aspect of our lives – relationships, finances, health, work, career etc. As we tend to be creatures of habit we believe that if we keep doing what we are doing we will achieve the results we desire. If we do not achieve those desired results we have to look at things from a different perspective. Albert Einstein said; “The thinking that created the problem is not the thinking that will solve it.”

When I was at school in England I had to take “O” level exams at the age of 16. These “O” levels were in many subjects and I could choose how many I wanted to do. One of them was mathematics, of course. I really had to pass it, but as soon as I sat down to do the official exam I became so nervous I could barely do any of it. I tried to pass the exam three times and failed. One of my classmates told me that her father loved math and tutored at the University. He was kind enough to teach me. First we looked at what I knew which turned out to be a lot. Then he taught me how to take the exam, explaining that I should do all the parts I knew well first because each question is worth points, and leave the most difficult to the end. Well would you believe it, I passed with a “B” after failing dismally three times. I had the knowledge and was applying it incorrectly expecting different results. Once I learned a different approach and had confidence in my abilities everything changed. I am sure many of you have stories that illustrate this point.

Whatever you want to attract or achieve in your life you have to become aware of your emotions regarding your desire. Emotions create energy and vibrations which you then direct toward your goal. When you add words it becomes a powerful trigger for manifestation.

Let’s say for example, you say to your friend, “I really can’t stand people who are boisterous!” Now you say this with a lot of emotion, maybe it’s hate. You just put this out into the universe (a cause). You’ll immediately experience the effect. Someone will walk into your space speaking in a loud and boisterous way. Start noticing how many times you speak negatively with strong emotions and then notice how fast the very thing you dislike appears in your life. Initially you may be surprised and a bit upset at how much this happens. Now here is an opportunity for you to give yourself a pat on the back. You have just become aware of what a powerful creator you are. It does not matter that in the past you created a lot of unpleasant situations. Your new life starts now. You are aware you have choices about what you want to think or speak about, and what you want to focus on. You are also aware that you can redirect your emotions! Now you can choose to focus on, and speak with emotion about things you love in your life. For example you may now say to your friends, “I really love to dance.” You say it joyously with all your being, the result is that you will manifest opportunities to go dancing.

Take a page out of Pollyanna’s book. Make a choice to look at the beauty in life, to be grateful for all that you manifest and choose to have conversations about happy, loving, spiritual experiences. Raise the vibrations around you and experience the joy of living on this earth.

Enjoy creating beautiful, life fulfilling, joyous moments in your life.

Blessings, light and love.


May you enjoy your journey of spiritual awakening!


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