Giving Your Life Meaning

During readings and consultations people often ask me about their purpose in life and the meaning of their life. This is a question that people throughout history have pondered. They want to know their place in life.

So how do we find meaning in life? Actually we could say everything has meaning and it depends on our interpretation of life. If our life depends on our personal understanding of it, then we are each creating our own individual story. Other people may buy into our story and reinforce it, but is still just a story, one of many created by us. We can choose to create an uplifting story or we can choose to focus on a horror story, or anything in between.

The key is to be true to yourself, honest with yourself about your belief’s and actions. Realize that you govern your thinking process which in turn governs your emotional response.

If you’re having upsetting worrisome thoughts you will notice that you breath differently than when you’re happy. Start today being aware of your breath. When you are in your negative state of mind you breathe shallowly or hold your breath. To break this pattern consciously take several deep breaths like sighs, and you will feel more in balance. Then carefully refocus your mind on a happy event, and put a smile on your lips — even if you do not feel like smiling. You will start to change your state of being. We all know that vigorous exercise does this — cycling, walking, dancing, swimming, etc.

Once you start managing your thoughts and emotions then you can decide what gives your life meaning and purpose. Very often you’ll discover it is the simple things – looking at someone who helps you in the supermarket straight in the eyes and smiling at them as you thank them for their help. This is a simple act of acknowledging their presence and existence. This little act can make a huge difference in a person’s life.

Being a guardian, in some way for animals and other creatures on this earth can give your life meaning. Nurturing your little piece of earth contributes to meaning in your life. Being a friend — listening to a person; really listening — gives meaning to your life. Just by observing the sunrise or sunset you are participating in the meaning of life.

Have you ever wondered what the earth would be like without humankind? Life would continue. It would be. Meaning or purpose would not even come under consideration. Life just exists and flows symbiotically.

When people enter the equation we discover that we can change things and in doing so we declare it good, neutral or bad. We give our experience meaning. You choose your purpose in life — just choose to live that fully and enjoy it.
May your life be filled with love, and gratitude for that love.



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