Creating an Inspiring Job, Career and Life

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life time of experiences.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sir

Robert Browning wrote: “There is an innermost center in all of us, where truth abides in fullness. To know this innermost center, we must open the way for the “imprison splendor” to escape.”

In Spiritual Economics, Eric Butterworth, one of my favorite authors said the following about what is in a job or career:

“You may say, “But my job is not imaginative: there is no future in it.” There is no job with the future in it: the future is in the one who does the job. When you do your work imaginatively, the job will become more meaningful and interesting, and you will become more effective in it. You can change your job, any job, if you change your attitude about

it. You may want to look elsewhere to find a better job, but that can be an escape.

Let your work, whatever it may involve, be an outworking of the creative flow, engaged in through the sheer joy of fulfilling your divine nature. You will prosper, and you should do so, but it will not be because you have “made money’ in your job. The work in the job is the means by which to build a consciousness of giving, which in turn gives rise to an outworking or “receiving flow.” It is a subtle distinction, but an extremely important one. “

Make a new commitment to think of your work not as a place to make a living, but as an opportunity to make a life. Think of yourself as a channel through which creative activities flow, and there is no limit. Of course, there could be a better job for you somewhere else, but the starting point in making the changes is right where you are.”

How can we apply these ideas, wisdom and guidance? We do that by turning inward and being fully aware. (Print out this Insight and use it as a personal guide to releasing; “Your Inner Splendor.” Ask yourself these questions and make some notes:

Your Turning Inward, Being Aware and Applying

1. What are my unique talents and gifts that I am increasingly aware of? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. What jobs or functions have I performed really well in?


3. What is the essence/talent required of that function or job?


4. What are the five talents and gifts that I most admire in other people?


5. What talents/gifts did I display and try to develop in my younger years, but for whatever reason they were discouraged or thwarted?


6. For my top 3 – 5 talents/gifts what authentic and inspired actions will I take to further develop them over the next week, month, and two months?


7. What roles, jobs, functions will I seek out that would enable me to apply these 3-5 talents/gifts?


8. What are the talents and gifts that I apply to “work” that I would gladly do for nothing, if I could afford to. What “type of work” would be a privilege and give me the opportunity to grow as a person?


9. What does success mean to ME? What qualities and values do I most want to live and express in MY life? “Success is not getting there: it is earning the right in consciousness to be there.”


10. So we have learned that it is not about “what I have” or “what I do,” but rather “Who I have come here to be.” Identify 6 to 9 major “Being Qualities” that you choose, upon which you will build your foundation and Inspired Life. Your List:

____________________ ____________________ ___________________

____________________ ____________________ ___________________

____________________ ____________________ ___________________

To help you in this process here is a partial list of “Being Values and Qualities.” that you may choose about Abundance, True Prosperity and Your Inspired Life. (Chose for yourself – not what you were told or someone else says):

Abundant Fulfilled Guided

Nurtured Peaceful Wise

Safe Spiritual Open and Receptive

Present Connected Loved

Faith Filled Blessed Divine filled

Valuable Grace filled Unlimited

Purposeful Joyful Strong

Expressive Visionary Authentic

Committed Grateful Integrated.

Intelligent Of service Leaderful

Curious Trustworthy Amazing

Heart centered. Spirit Led Spirit Fed

There are many ways to work with your chosen qualities so that they increasingly reflect and become who you are. Start by committing them to memory. Use them in your prayer and meditation time. Say them out loud as you are dozing off at night, say: “I have come here to be… and name your qualities.

You may even wish to transfer them onto a small card with the heading; “I have come here to be. . . and then list your chosen qualities. Carry your card in your purse, pocket or wallet. Having this tangible reminder of you who you’ve come here to be can be extra helpful in challenging circumstances.

The whole universe is on your side, guiding your hand and directing your footsteps as you go. A helpful affirmation is: “I’m God’s living expression and in God all things are possible.”

No matter what your job or your chosen career, your true business is the “express business,” the business of releasing your imprisoned splendor. When you have an “Attitude of Gratitude and Live from a Consciousness of Giving,” infinite mind will always regulate your life so that you have an adequate job in which to “sing your song” and express your talents and potentials. If the job becomes inadequate, keep yourself in tune with the creative flow, either the job will change or you will be moved to another job. Nothing can impede the flow of affluence and success to one who keeps one’s self in tune.

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