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Each person who has come into your life brings you a gift — a chance to get to know yourself better. Relationships, through love, allow you to open up and experience emotions and learn more about yourself. As you become more aware of your behavior and habits through interaction with a loved one, a door […]

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The Spiritual Path

On the Spiritual Path

A number of my clients have asked me what they need to work on within themselves in order to move forward on their spiritual path. They do not have a clear idea of what areas of their life need to be changed. They are very aware of what they like and dislike in other people. […]

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Love and Relationships

It’s important to continue nurturing your relationships even as the years ago by, just as you nurture a plant so it continues to grow healthy and strong. How do we interpret love? There are three ways: by showing – visual, saying-auditory and feeling – kinesthetic. When we initially start going out with someone we express […]

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The Power of Sound

Our lives are made up of light and sound. Even in the womb we are aware of these things.     Sound is a vibration which can be heard and felt. All creatures have their unique sound, some of which is inaudible to the human ear, just as some light cannot be seen by the […]

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Rediscovering Your Joy

So many changes are happening so quickly in our world. We are made aware of them immediately via our advanced technology. People feel more pressure to get things done and goals completed, especially in the Western world we learn to multitask and our attention flips rapidly from one thing to the next. During readings people […]

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The Benefits of Laughter

There are so many benefits to laughter. It is such a healing process. It releases stress very effectively and disperses negative situations when everyone joins in and laughs. When we laugh we produce endorphins which make us feel better, lift our spirits and evoke healing. In times of health and all types of crisis laughing […]

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