About Vanessa

Picture7Vanessa was born in Bath, England and studied in Switzerland. She speaks four languages fluently, providing her with the ability to work with her clients in their native language. She lived in England and Venezuela until 20 years ago when she moved with her American husband to Florida. These cultural experiences and language skills give her a unique and distinct ability to relate to people in their model of the world. Because Vanessa has been doing intuitive counseling for over 30 years and has served thousands of clients, many of whom return frequently, she has a good sense of the issues and challenges that people are facing today.

Vanessa and Jim have travelled extensively in South America and Europe. They have been particularly drawn to the ancient ruins in Mexico and Peru.

Vanessa provides a wide range of programs and services that include: intuitive sessions and counseling, Inspired Living coaching, classes, meditation and personal development CDs/MP3. The central core of her services is to inspire, uplift and empower people to have a happy, fulfilled and abundant life

She grew up in a family that for four-generations had experienced the importance and value of developing one’s intuition. Having grown up where the ideas of spirit and intuition were routinely talked about it is easy for her to share this experience with others.

As a fourth generation intuitive she originally learned to read ordinary playing cards from her mother and then later studied the Tarot in Paris, France with Dao Tiem, a well-known Oriental astrologer. She is known for using old, barely recognizable, Tarot cards. They are just a tool to spiritually access the information which she then interprets and passes on to you. She has been helping and counseling people with her intuitive abilities for over 30 years. For the past 24 years she has lived and worked in the Tampa Bay area.

Jim and Vanessa were trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching at the Erickson College in Vancouver, British Columbia. They use NLP technologies with many of their clients because it is so effective and works very quickly when applied.

Vanessa has taught Intuitive development for the past 10 years to hundreds of people. The Intuitive Development class looks at the 4 Clairs: Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, and Claircognizance. She also teaches meditation and classes on releasing negative energy and balancing your energy centers. (See list for all classes.)

During your sessions she will help you be aware of your positive potentials and explain how you can use them to change your life to a happier and more successful direction.

We believe and teach that all conscious change is created twice, first, internally at the level of mind and consciousness and then secondly, at the level of the outer physical world. Deep and lasting change is a transformation in “consciousness.” Consciousness is defined as the context, or field, in which thoughts, feelings, perceptions, sensations, images, impulses, intentions, and the like, exist and occur. It is transformed when any of the following occur – changes in thinking, worldview, beliefs; feelings, motives, impulses, values; as well as altered perceptions, such as heightened seeing (clairvoyance) and sensing (clairsentience).

Whether you come for an intuitive reading to find solutions for your everyday problems, or whether you come to classes that expand and enrich, Vanessa seeks to transfer uplifting and inspiring energy. She enjoys sharing the energy, experience and knowledge that flows through her and she empowers her clients to develop and draw on their own inner wisdom and creative energy.

In addition to her training in NLP, Vanessa has followed a program of lifelong learning to include:

  • Chi Qong
  • Self-realization Meditation
  • Inner Engineering – Isha Yoga
  • Reiki master
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Chanting and Mantras
  • Yoga of the flying Crane – a form of Chi Qong
  • Transcendental Meditation (TM)
  • Silva Method
  • Oneness Blessing – Deeksha
  • Jin Shin Do
  • Kripalu Yoga
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Journey Work

You can contact Vanessa for any of her services or to learn more about Inspired Living at: Vanessa@InspiredLiving-Now.com

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