Our Why

  • We realize and we imagine you do too, that we are living in exciting  and transformational times. We are living in a time of a great shift in thinking and consciousness and know that as we raise our consciousness we uplift others.
  • We understand as Dr. Albert Einstein said: ” We can’t solve the problems from the same level of thinking (consciousness) we used when we created them.”  To live an inspired life we must move beyond the industrial age thinking that has been the norm for the past half century.
  • We know that the fundamental principle of all life is: “As we give, we  receive.” When we are in Oneness with everyone else and all of life, we know that as we contribute and serve others we are also serving ourselves.
  • We can learn and apply principles drawn from spiritual truths and new Quantum Physics which is only now beginning to be better communicated and understood by people world-wide.  Our deeper understanding and application of these principles paves the way to Inspired Living for more people at levels unimaginable even a few years ago.  Example:  According to quantum physics: “There is no reality until that reality is perceived. This means that the world does not exist independently from the means and act of observing it.  This is called the Observer Effect.
  • Survey reports tell us that as little as 20 percent of Americans are truly happy with their lives. Many are yearning for more out of life — more fulfilling careers, more satisfying relationships, more enjoyment, more balance, more…
  • We are blessed and choose to share our experiences, knowledge and blessings to create an abundant world for all.

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